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Last updates

 10th MAY 2022

Addition of different pieces of various origins, from an old collection of an excellent level and some rare orange analcimes from Iran.

Previously, in April :

New products in the "discounted products" section ; addition of some french autunites and "pompom" barites.

Some french fluorites.

A serie of french alpine minerals.

Various minerals from all over the world, among which some very nice chrysocollas from Congo with a complex history, single crystals of crocoite from Australia of a superb quality, a series of nice small Indian amethysts, and some pieces from the old René Hubin collection that we appreciate very much for its diversity and the quality of the pieces.

Then come some minerals from France, including several selected calcites from Pays-de-Loire, some unavoidable fluorites from Le Burc and some fluorites from Saint-Peray among the best pieces, some old cassiterites from Villeder, some rare bertrandites from Armorica, and some typical minerals from Limousin pegmatites.

Finally, we offer two meteorites of the NWA chondrite type, selected with the greatest care.

Without forgetting other pieces not mentioned that we let you discover...!

Our 4 next mineral shows


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